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scramble [verb] ('skrae mbIl) to climb up, down, around or along cliffs, coastlines, gorges, ridges, streams, rocks and waterfalls - usually without the aid of a rope
scrambling [gerund] ('skrae mbIlng) a great way to hike

DISCLAIMER: Hiking both on and off-trail can be dangerous and accidents may result in serious injury or even death. You should not undertake any of the routes or activities suggested on this site unless under the supervision of trained and experienced hikers.

Scrambling.hk is an online manual and guide for off-trail hiking in the Hong Kong region. Hong Kong has some of the best off-trail hiking within city limits in the world.

You can follow the routes we do week by week at this Flickr address:

If you want to join us, help out in anyway or just pass on some comments and ideas, please contact us here:

Our aims

1) To make a complete catalogue of off-trail routes in the Hong Kong SAR area. This will include stream treks, coastal traverses and other off-trail / rough trail routes. We would like to link to other sites that have further information on these routes.
2) To build an on-line manual of knowledge and techniques for both off-trail and on-trail hiking in the Hong Kong SAR area.
3) To protect and clean up Hong Kong's countryside.

Next time you hike, please leave no trace - and remove the traces left by others.

News on updates

This site is a work in progress. To date the following sections have been completed:



This site is a big project and we're looking for enthusiastic contributors who are willing to do any of the following:
  • Write up routes for the guide
  • Write lessons for the manual
  • Make video lessons for the manual
  • Do some technical stuff to make this site prettier and more user friendly
  • Edit and / or add more information to existing pages
  • Translate this site into Chinese!

Contact us at: tait.colin@gmail.com

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